The Adventurer's Guild

A Play and Earn RPG on the WAX Blockchain!

In The Adventurer's Guild, every piece of equipment, every crafting material, and even every skill is an NFT!

TAG is now in closed beta testing!

We advocate Blockchain safety and researching projects carefully before getting involved - you can find our Whitepaper here!

Looking for a beta pass? Check out AtomicHub, NeftyBlocks, or NFTHive!


A free Blockchain RPG that you can play anywhere!


We're proud that The Adventurer's Guild is free to play! Other than a pass while we’re in closed beta, all you need is a WAX wallet and a Discord account linked with Honeycomb (a widely used Discord bot).

With strategic turn-based combat and regular content updates, TAG aims to be a storytelling-focused adventure that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Defining the NFT-RPG genre - and we’re only getting started!

You have complete control over your character's equipment and skills. With 11 equipment slots and 5 skill slots, the combinations are mindboggling!

The best part? Using SixPM Software's Dynamic NFTs, you'll be able to view and share your character on your Guild License NFT.

Check out our Dynamic Avatar NFTs!
Check out our Dynamic Avatar NFTs!

Go on adventurers!

Embark on encounters to combat foes and explore the realm of Eaglesreach.

Whether it be fighting foes, or undertaking a quest, there will be a variety of encounters from day one.


Earn rewards!

Occasionally you'll loot a chest that can contain anything from crafting materials to rare encounters, and even super powerful skills and gear!

It's up to you to decide if you want to flip them on the marketplace, or try your luck and see what's inside.


Community Power!

It's probably important to mention that almost every NFT ever will be usable in TAG, through our Candlelight system!

Working with the talented WAX community!

Meet the Team and our Partners!

Creating The Adventurer's Guild is a huge undertaking, so our talented team has partnered up with several prominent organisations in the WAX community!

See what’s happening!

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