Avatars and TAG v1.0.8

Avatars are here — TAG v1.0.8

It’s finally time — Let’s look at what’s new as we start testing the Player Avatar system in The Adventurer’s Guild!


Hello to all the adventurers who, like us, have been long awaiting this moment: Avatars are ready to be tested in TAG! The Adventurer’s Guild v1.0.8 brings new content and several changes, so let’s dive in!

Avatars — Phase 1

The biggest part of this update! You can now view your avatar from the Profile menu! Avatars can currently display equipment from the Chest, Legs, Feet, and Weapon slots of your character.


While in future, updating your Avatar’s appearance will incur a very small GUILD fee, to celebrate the launch we’re giving everyone the ability to update their Avatar for free (with a cooldown time of one hour to prevent spamming). You can do this from the profile menu and the free period will continue until the start of April.

A headshot of your Avatar is also displayed in the main menu of the game:


After we’ve had a chance to monitor the avatar system for any issues, we’ll begin releasing information about Avatars Phase 2, the Avatar NFTs, and how you can get one!

We also will be releasing more hairstyles and skin, hair, and eye colour customisation as time goes on!


The long awaited increase to Lv20 is here! Your character can now ascend to new heights!

If you’re observant, you might have noticed the profile page now shows a level for your Profession, as well as Profession experience! This is something we’re preparing for our next major update after Avatars!


As you will have seen in the banner for this Patch Breakdown, our first armor set is now live! You can craft Armor via the TAG Crafting Page, and equip it from the Equipment menu!


TAG v1.0.8 adds Leather Armor (Chest), Leather Pants (Legs), and Leather Boots (Feet).

Armor’s appearance is based on which “Avatar Style” you selected in the game start up questions, so you don’t need to craft a separate version for each. Remember you can change your preference from the Settings menu at any time!

  • Leather Armor (+10 Constitution): 4 Leather, 2 Iron Ingots, 1 Basic Workshop Pass
  • Leather Pants (+10 Vitality): 4 Leather, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Wolf Pelt, 1 Basic Workshop Pass
  • Leather Boots (+10 Speed): 4 Leather, 1 Iron Ingot, 1 Bottled Slime, 1 Basic Workshop Pass

When you craft equipment, the armor you create will have the base stats as well as a random bonus, ranging from a +1 boost to a +5. When you craft, larger bonuses are harder to come by, and they scale by rarity, so look out for even stronger effects on higher rarity gear in future!

What’s Next?

As mentioned earlier, we’re now getting ready for the launch of Avatar NFTs, as well as a major update to professions, introducing Rogue and Defender.

We also have our “Eggciting” Easter event coming in April too!

Finally, the DYGYCON 8 rewards will be distributed today — look out for our livestream at https://twitch.tv/sixpmsoftware

Until next time,

~stuckatsixpm and the TAG team


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